This is how we build a better world.
Rizome Bamboo.
The Miracle Timber.

The building product the world's been waiting for.

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While the world consumes ten football fields of forest every single minute, we at Rizome are working to save as many trees as we can.

Our vision of a more beautiful world is created through the natural beauty, strength, and planet-healing properties of bamboo.

Rizome bamboo products for the construction industry are here. And not a moment too soon.

The greenest of all the green building products.

Virtually everything about bamboo is sustainable, naturally, from how it’s grown, to how it’s harvested, to how it protects the surrounding environment and the people living in it.

Grows  10-15x  faster than pine and regenerates after harvest.

When a pine tree is still a sapling, bamboo is fully grown and is ready for harvesting. The bamboo can be harvested every year for the 70 to 100 year life of the bamboo plant. It's like mowing your lawn — it just keeps growing. 

Strong like steel and tough like concrete. 

A timber product whose tensile strength exceeds steel on a weight basis and which withstands compression better than standard concrete.  All we needed to do was figure out how to make it work for the construction industry.

Beautify and regenerate the world. 

Rizome engineered bamboo lumber can be used in place of traditional wood in any building. Naturally gorgeous, Rizome Bamboo is strong, fire-resistant, and affordable. And equally important, when you use Rizome, you're helping save the world's forests and restore the balance of nature through carbon reduction.


Made from giant bamboo species.

Designed for structural use

Can be used for most conventional wood applications.

Socially & ecologically responsible

Focused on planting in degraded lands with the goal to restore local ecosystems.

Making the world a better, greener place — one sustainable acre of bamboo at a time.

Our name is inspired by the rhizome, the root system for both bamboo and everyday grass. Our founding team has 25 years of experience proving the viability of bamboo’s use as a principal engineering and construction material.

Together, we can heal the planet. 

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