Building with bamboo.
Guilt-free, earth-friendly beauty. 


Rizome bamboo boards are clear of defects and precision-surfaced on all sides. The smooth surface allows for good adhesion performance, and the bamboo fiber finishes beautifully with paint and stains. Our boards are the base material for our veneers and laminated panel products.

Order boards direct from us to use as inputs for finished goods including furniture, case goods, window and door trim, and other custom products.

Board dimensions (actual):

  • Thickness: ¼ inch to ½ inch
  • Width: 1 inch to 6 inches
  • Length: up to 10 feet
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Rizome bamboo veneers are the ultimate solution for a clear, defect-free, structural and durable finished surface to nearly any application.  The veneers can be seamlessly glued to any conventional or engineered lumber with high adhesion integrity.  Pressure treatment using mineral salts (borates) is available upon request for enhanced fire resistance.

Veneer dimensions (actual):

  • Thickness: ¼ inch
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Length: 96 inches
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Rizome cross-ply panels are constructed either from solid bamboo veneers or from woven strand bamboo and can be laid up in many configurations for your unique design specifications.  Our typical panels sizes are 48 inch x 96 inches

Veneer panels

Our 2-ply solid bamboo construction is remarkably stable and is available in ½ inch thick panels. These are great for use as wall & door paneling and for other applications that require a high-quality visual surface with a durable panel.

Rizome also offers custom products using multiple layers of cross laminated veneer to make custom veneer panels up to 1 ¾ inch thick.

Dimensions (actual):

  • Thickness: ½ inch to 1 ¾ inch
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Length: 96 inches

Strand panels

Our strand woven panels are made from cross-ply lamination of strand woven bamboo.  These panels are structural and defect-free for high quality applications such as T&G.  The panels have a beautiful distressed, barn wood look and also can be sanded for a finished appearance for flooring, paneling, and fencing among other custom applications.

Dimensions (actual):

  • Thickness: 3/8 inch to ¾ inch
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Length: 96 inches


Hybrid panels

Which is a bamboo veneer or stand veneer glued onto a substrate based on customer preferences.  These hybrid panels appeal to customers who want a high-quality bamboo surface on a low-cost substrate.

Dimensions (actual):

  • Thickness: varies depending upon customer requirements
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Length:  96 inches
Laminated Veneer Lumber

Rizome constructs its LVL using our 4x8 bamboo single-ply veneers laid up in a linear construction and then cut to size like other clear lumber products based on customer specifications. Our LVL products are superstructural with high tensile and bending strength and excellent resistance to deflection. The products are defect-free and offer a beautiful visual finish. These bamboo LVL products fit well where clear lumber is currently used, such as stair treads & risers; exposed beams; door rails, stiles, and trim; window trim; and butcher block style table and countertops.

Laminated Strand Lumber
Rizome constructs its Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) using bamboo strands laid up in a linear construction and then cut to size like other lumber products per customer specifications.  While quite beautiful, Rizome LSL is constructed primarily for strength and is well suited for applications that need maximum resistance to deflection, such as beams.  Our LSL offers high rolling shear values and works well for container flooring and industrial platforms.
Technical Specifications
Rizome Bamboo Compression:
7,000-11,000 psi
vs. Concrete:
3,000-6,000 psi
MOE: 2.8 million psi vs. 1.4 - 1.7 million psi for Douglas fir
MOR: 22,000 psi vs. 12,500 psi for Douglas fir
Janka Hardness: 1,600 LB/ft vs. 660 LB/ft for Douglas fir
Shear: 1,700 psi vs. 910 psi for Douglas fir
100% Glue Bond Adhesion for hybrid softwood laminated lumber.
100% Sustainably-Harvested Dendrocalamus asper (Giant bamboo).

Palette-perfect bamboo. 
Natural, stained, or painted.

Bamboo is as versatile as any wood.

Its natural color works as a blank canvas for any color, so you can stain or paint any color you’re envisioning for your walls, furniture, or decorative elements.

So go ahead. Showcase your true colors. 

Get inspired

Build better, breathe better. 
That's the wonder of bamboo.

It takes 7-8 trees to produce enough oxygen for one human per year. Building a 1500 square foot home with wood requires 30 trees. And once you cut a tree down, all that's left is barren land.  

When you choose bamboo for your next building, you're selecting a naturally gorgeous alternative to wood that is strong, fire-resistant, and durable. You're also saving trees. 

Bamboo is as naturally sustainable as it is aesthetically beautiful. As bamboo grows, it absorbs 10 times more CO2 from the atmosphere than an equivalent acreage of trees. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than a tree. 

Rizome. Good for the earth, good for people. 

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Beautifully Sustainable

Beautiful and sustainable, bamboo meets the world’s demand for green building materials. It thrives on degraded lands, absorbs 10x more CO2 from the atmosphere than an equivalent acreage of trees, and its root systems are better for the soil and water table.

Naturally Regenerative

Bamboo grows 10 times faster than pine, each log maturing in just three to five years. Harvesting the mature logs doesn’t harm the plant. Bamboo is also a resilient crop, able to withstand drought and fires as it uses its roots to rapidly regenerate.

Incredibly Strong

Bamboo rivals the tensile strength of steel on a weight basis and withstands compression better than concrete. Its flexibility makes it an ideal building material for earthquake-prone areas. For over a thousand years, bamboo has been used for roofing, floors, walls, concrete reinforcement, and scaffolding.