Why Rizome

Rizome bamboo products are made from giant bamboo species such as Dendrocalamus asper, native to Southeast Asia. Its large diameter provides extra thick material and the versatility required for varied applications. We’re cultivating the giant bamboo in the Philippines and now in Florida and building the world’s most reliable supply chain of bamboo products for the construction industry.

Sustainable, durable beauty. 

We could say that bamboo invented sustainability. In fact, we will.

Bamboo is also beautiful. And when you choose Rizome Bamboo, you’re ensuring that bamboo's natural beauty and elegance will last for decades. Made from giant bamboo, Rizome products feature extra-large thickness and a "free and clear" finish - beauty that's more than surface deep.

Strong enough to build disaster-resistant structures. 

Rizome takes advantage of bamboo's tensile strength which rivals steel's and compressive strength which is better than standard concrete. Its strength and flexibility make it an ideal building material in disaster-prone areas, holding up to seismic activity and high winds. 

Rizome Bamboo can add greater structural strength and hardwood beauty to mass timber products, reducing panel thickness while boosting performance. 

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This grass really is greener.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and strength, bamboo also holds the power to heal our world. It's a giant grass that's more eco-friendly than wood. It fights climate change by drawing 10 times more carbon out of the atmosphere than trees. Its rhizome root systems help local communities reduce runoff and flooding, raise water tables, and rejuvenate the soil. 

Beauty, strength, and sustainability. Rizome Bamboo has it all. 

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