15.3 billion trees are cut down each year. 
Bamboo can heal the planet.

Bamboo is the miracle carbon sink. 

One acre of Rizome Bamboo can sequester up to 400 tons of carbon dioxide per year. 400 tons is the equivalent of CO2 emissions from using 40,832 gallons of gas or burning 401,079 pounds of coal. Or charging over 44 million smartphones.

All the while generating  35% more oxygen than an acre of trees.

The Rizome Bamboo Reforestation Carbon Offset restores natural ecology while supporting small farmers and providing a sustainable income for indigenous communities.

Join us in renewing the planet's health. 

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Tagged and tracked. Carbon offsetting the Rizome way. 

Trees are vital to human existence. They provide the oxygen we breathe, improve the air quality, conserve water, and improve the soil. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Deforestation – much of it for construction – is depleting our forests. We lose over 15 billion trees per year.

Meanwhile, the modern way of life has been generating more CO2, increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide by more than 20% in less than 40 years – from 339 parts per million in 1980 to 412 parts per million in 2020, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Trees can’t be planted fast enough to keep up. Rizome, the Miracle Timber can help. 

Today, Rizome is implementing one of the largest nature-based CO2 drawdown projects on the planet. We are planting millions of clumps of bamboo with a goal of sequestering billions of tons of CO2 by 2050.

Our data-driven approach to reforestation allows us to measure culm count and weight, monitor the viability of plantings, and ensure single counting of final carbon credits through algorithmic satellite imaging, geotagging, RFID, and database management.

Making the world a better, greener place, one sustainable acre of bamboo at a time.

Our commitment to a greener planet means innovating for the construction industry, incentivizing the fight against climate change, forming equitable partnerships with local growers, and practicing responsible agroforestry.

Rizome is proud to be doing its part to contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Employment brings social stability, and bamboo planting, harvesting, and processing are already having a social impact on the communities we serve.


Bamboo’s root system readily absorbs up to 14 inches of rainwater, reducing catastrophic flooding and erosion while replenishing aquifers. 


Bamboo survives grass fires and drought which have devastated other reforestation efforts; we work only with non-invasive species . 

Gender Equality

Bamboo is lightweight, enabling women to participate in the bamboo economy, often in the nursery portion of the program.

Indigenous Populations

The Rizome Project is one of the first to offer economic opportunity to a rural community that consists of seven hill tribes.


Bamboo farmers now generate additional revenue from their existing bamboo stands while gaining access to stable, fair employment with the opening of our new factory.
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