About Rizome

Rizome and our sister companies have been dedicated to proving the viability of bamboo’s use as a principal engineering and construction material.

Today, we're cultivating giant bamboo in subtropical Florida and the Philippines and building the world’s most reliable bamboo supply chain. Because now more than ever, the world needs the wonders of bamboo.

Structural Bamboo Experts

For over two decades, we’ve been transforming bamboo fiber into decorative and structural building materials that meet the stringent demands of the construction industry. Through our sister company, Bamboo Living, we were the first company to obtain ICC certification for the structural use of bamboo in manufacturing homes and buildings.

Proven Methodology

Our manufacturing and engineering expertise comes from decades of material science and processing research. We pressure treat our bamboo fibers with an infusion of clean mineral salts to eliminate insect and mold infiltration. Tested and verified by Washington State University, this pre-processing prior to drying and manufacturing ensures that Rizome bamboo products are as durable as traditional wood products.

Reliable Supply Chain

We cultivate our bamboo in compliance with the governmental regulations in the Philippines.  After successfully delivering product from our contract facility, we launched our own factory near the port and in proximity to our bamboo farms to maintain visibility and transparency into the entire process. This vertical integration ensures quality control as well as a consistent and predictable supply. 

Plant bamboo. Make lumber. Sequester billions of tons of carbon dioxide. This is what we do. 

Our first manufacturing facility is located in the Philippines where we provide the local population with a sustainable income.

Our goal is to have planted 10 million bamboo clumps by 2030 for a 10-year carbon drawdown of over 26 million tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions generated 5,654,478 cars driven during a single year.

Constructing buildings. Advancing communities.

As the demand for bamboo has grown, so does our commitment to the environment and society. We know that as the demand for bamboo grows globally, this remarkable building material is subject to being exploited by those concerned only with profit, not consequences. It’s why we’re proud to say that we’re investing in bamboo and the people who grow it. 

Rizome is committed to planting bamboo in a restorative way. Our plantings are only established on lands that have degraded due to human processes and in supportive partnership with local economies. 
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