Rizome Engineered Bamboo 
Featured at ArtFair Philippines

Art Fair PH 2023 features a biophilic design created by the Philippine design firm, Leandro V. Locsin Partners Company. In partnership with Rizome Philippines, the design features engineered bamboo in all public spaces.

 “We think it [engineered bamboo] should be mainstream. It’s incredible stuff. And it’s good for the planet…” said Andy Locsin, son of Leandro Locsin, National Artist of the Philippines for Architecture. The fair was designed to be "a journey of discovery." 

Fostering a sustainable community.  

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful and most biodiverse countries in the world. Bamboo is an efficient way to reverse deforestation, promote soil health, and prevent flooding and landslides during typhoon season. Bamboo grows fast and matures quickly, and every half hectare of bamboo can sequester 400 tonnes of carbon each year.

Our landowner partners in the Philippines allow us to plant millions of bamboo plants, providing sustainable employment to native Filipinos in the region.

A renewable resource that's good for reforestation and conservation. 

Bamboo thrives in the Philippines. The rhizomes and stems absorb water, making it ideal as a water conservation plant. It reduces runoff and acts as a water purifier. It binds soil to prevent erosion and landslides.

And unlike traditional trees, harvesting strengthens the clump and increases the yield.

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Designed in the USA, manufactured in the Philippines to meet global standards.

Today, 80% of the Philippines' lumber and wood product needs are imported. Rizome's engineered bamboo products can go a long way toward meeting the country's growing demand for residential, commercial, and public construction projects while creating jobs and economic opportunities. 

Manufactured in Cagayan de Oro in the Misamis Oriental province, Rizome engineered lumber products are strong like steel, tough like concrete, and beautiful like hardwood. Designed in the USA and manufactured to meet global standards. This is not the bamboo your grandparents used to build nipa huts. 

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Cacao Reserve Resort 
Laguna, Philippines 

Eco-friendly is the goal of the Cacao Reserve Resort. So PINO STUDIO turned to Rizome Philippines for inspiration. 

Rizome-engineered bamboo will be featured throughout this property. Coming soon to Laguna, near Tagaytay. 

Beauty, strength, and sustainability. This is what's possible with Rizome.